ARMA IoT Platform


General IOT Module (Sensor-Analyzer etc.)

It allows remote management of communication with all kinds of IoT devices. It can be used in all IOT projects within the scope of Industry 4.0 Digitalization. It can be used in Network Monitoring projects in Electricity Distribution Companies. It can be used in Factories Energy Management – Efficiency projects. Water - Sewerage Administration Scada Monitoring Adaptation can be made. Project budgets may vary depending on size

SWEM (Solar & Wind Energy Management)

Module It is an IoT platform sub-module that enables Solar Power Plant and Wind Power Plant Management – Monitoring and Reporting at All Scales. Remote readings, Production Forecasts, Production Losses, etc. from a single center thanks to Inverter, Analyzer, Sensors, Meters. It ensures the operation and management of all SPP Processes. Providing inventory management with Warehouse - Warehouse - Stock Management and digitalizing Maintenance Management with Work Order and job notification features are provided from a single center through integrated systems. Solar Power Plant - RES Central Management can be used by all energy companies that wish to use it.

Technical and Power Quality Monitoring Module

It is a sub-module of the ARMA IoT platform that enables reading and reporting of Technical and Power Quality devices (Analyzer). It is mandatory by EMRA for all Electricity Distribution companies. We provide support for the search for alternatives and new solutions in Electricity Distribution companies.

Low Voltage Grid Monitoring 


Automatic Meter Reading Modem Embedded Software

We have Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) compatible reading devices and meter reading software and hardware products developed on embedded Java-based modems.


Industrial Gateway Devices
and Software


The following products and software solutions, which can be used in end-to-end solutions for industrial automation and energy management needs, can be provided as off-the-shelf products or configured for special solutions to suit the needs.

  • AMR Modem Firmware
  • Gateway Device Software
  • MQTT Gateway
  • Modbus Gateway
  • TCP Serial Converter
  • DLMS/COSEM Modbus Converter
  • IEC62056 Modbus Converter
  • OPC UA

Data Logger
Industrial Mini PC

Data Logger are electronic devices that record and store data occurring within a certain period of time, thanks to the reading interfaces or inputs/sensors on them, and report these records when necessary. These data can be adapted according to need and can be widely used for temperature and electricity production consumption data in general.
Thanks to the software developed by Atolla, data read from Modbus TCP, MQTT, OPC protocols can be used for applications that need to be transferred uninterruptedly to servers and applications at the desired point on the internet or private networks.